Next to cats I love motorcycles.

Some years ago we went on touring om the bike and after some of the holidays I wrote a story about them - in danish of course!

While I was living in Svendborg I was member of a MC club - FALKENE SYDFYN,
- and when I moved to Viborg I joined a club there - CC TIGERS.
- and when I went to Esbjerg I joined Touring West Senior


Sommertur 1985 til Bretagne
Sommertur 1986 til Normandiet/England
Sommertur 1988 til Belgien/Luxemburg
Scotland august 2001

MZ 250/ 1968

Viktoria 250/ 1970 - 1981

500four.jpg (41096 byte)
Honda 500 four / 1983

z650-1.jpg (36687 byte)
Kawazaki 650z/ 1983

z650-2.jpg (33865 byte)
Kawazaki 650z/ 1984

gsx750esd.jpeg (62206 bytes)
Suzuki GSX 750 ESD / 1985

Honda VF 1000 F2 / 1986

cx500c.jpeg (43816 bytes)
Honda CX 500 c / 1988

Honda XL 250 / 1992

Honda VF 500 F2 / 2000

The End

Unfortunatly I had a blood cloth in my brain in spring 2001.  I did try to make a tour on the bike in august 2001, but for my own safty I have now sold the bike.

This is the last picture before transporting it away!

The New beginning!

In summer 2008 I felt a lot better, and after having visited a MC shop with a grandchild I had a little testdrive on a VF1000F2.  I felt like coming home, and when looking on the internet I found a VF1000F2 for sale in UK - price 450.  I bought a flight ticket, brought my lethers and a crash helmet and flew to London, picked up the bike and rode it all the way back to DK (from Dover to France, Belgium, Holland and Germany).  After paying 17500 DKK to the Danish tax system I am now the happy ovner of a motorcycle agan!!         Later I found a VF1000R in Germany which I also bought and it will be a project for this winter bringing it back to original!