A little about me.
Feles Grata

(The Sweet Cat (in Latin)

Feles Grata is a cattery breeding orientals mainly in the blotched tabby pattern but preferably with silver and in all colours including cinnamon and fawn.

I am member of JYRAK one of the Danish FIFe clubs and part of the national federation Felis Danica.  At the moment I am President of Felis Danica and vice President in JYRAK.  JYRAK is the largest of the four Danish clubs and has app. 2500 members.

I Ole Amstrup live in Tarp close to Esbjerg.  In breeding orientals we are trying to work more with colours and patterns than most other breeders do.  That means as a consequence that our cats are not overtyped as is seen at other breeders, but in my cattery it is not of the first priority.



 Of course the health and temperement is the most important issue in breeding cats.  Apart from that to us the important thing is pattern and colour.  To me it is not important whether it is the one or the other colour, but I think it is vital that the colour is according to standard. 

One colour is special to me.  The cinnamon.   For several years we thought I had lost the cinnamon in my lines, but as things turned out most of our breeding cats were carriers, and now I am having "a little corner" in my breeding specially reserved for cinnamons.

Myr main goal is to breed silver blotched orientals in various colours and I have to a certain degree succeeded in doing that with my shorthair lines.

I find the combination of silver and blotched extremly beautiful.

All my cats are either blotched or carriers of blotched.  Many are silver but it is hard to get any silver orientals in Denmark outside The Feles Grata Cattery.  As a matter of fact I do not think that in Denmark there exists more than two or three silver orientals who do not have their origin in this cattery. 


I have imported our silver cats from England.  In all I have imported three silver cats who are: 

  • Scintilla Silver Songster (ORI bs 25) (1990) whose only excist fertile ofspring are to be found at The Thurah Cattery.

  • Sally Feles Grata (ORI cs 25) (1991) who through her son Feles Grata Quaint Blue Velvet (ORI as) has spread the silver and the tick tabby in Denmark.

  • Salste FelesGrata Ulysses (ORI ps22) (1995) who is to be found in almost all our cats and has given an extremly good quality of blotched pattern.


Salste Feles Grata Ulyses

Salste Sally Feles Grata

Scintilla Silver Songster


   Unfortunatly the interest for silver orientals is not very big in Denmark.  For this there are several reasons but in the past there have been several restrictions on the breeding of silver and cinnamon orientals and they have all been registred in the RIEX pedigrees as experimental breeds.  These restrictions have now been lifted and there is now a little more interest in the silver colours.

This does not mean that the cats are less beautiful.  That has been important to us all the way - beautiful cats with a soft temperament.

I have chosen to have all the female cats and the kittens living together with us in the whole house and I have fenced in a large part of my garden which means that the cat have access to 1000 m2 garden.
The male cats have their own house and rooms in the basement with access to large runs

Normally I have five to seven litters a year.  Kittens right now can be seen on the kittenpage.   All the other cats can be seen on the pedigree pages with pedigree and pictures.

If you are interested in buying a kitten from me just send me a mail and we will let you know when we have kittens.   If you are interested in visiting me you are always welcome - just give me a call (+45 75168151) and make an appointment.



Ole & Feles Grata cats